It’s a proven fact that it is far more effective and humane to teach animals using the concept that if you reward good behaviour, it is more likely that that behaviour will be repeated. Similarly, if you ignore or redirect a behavior you don’t care for, it is more likely that incidences of that behaviour will decrease. Combining these concepts with the awareness that dogs are not wolves trying to dominate us to achieve 'top dog' status, and therefore do not need to be controlled using dominance-based punishment techniques, you have the recipe for positive training.

Positive training is based on 4 pillars: rewarding the behaviours you like and ignoring the behaviors you do not like; avoiding intimidation, fear or punishment; comprehension of the often misunderstood concept of dominance; and the commitment to understanding the canine experience from the dog's point of view.

My goal is to form happy owner-dog teams. Your dog can easily become a good citizen.

Towards that end I teach basic obedience (commands like sit; down; stay; come); walking on the leash without tugging; socialization and getting accustomed to different animals, objects and situations; public behaviour etc … I teach the little things that will make owner’s life easier such as riding in the car (remaining seated, not jumping out of the trunk right away when the door is opened…) and medical training (how to behave in the vet’s office; accustoming the dog to having mouth, ears, paws and private parts checked…). I can also help you single out specific needs, and help you improve your relationship with your dog.

For owners interested in the world of dog showing, I also give dog show training (gait and stack) for you and your pet! This is a field with which I am very familiar, owning a show dog myself.

I provide group and individual sessions. Please contact me to discuss your individual needs.