Dog walking

Walking is not just about getting physical exercise, it also contributes to the psychological well-being of dogs. During walks a dog has contact with the outside world: new smells, sounds and other stimuli! Just because a dog may be small doesn't mean it needs less exercise, and, although the breed can give an indication of the dog's energy level, final judgment must be made on the individual dog's needs. As a responsible dog owner, you will help your dog to expend its energy in a productive way. For all dogs, this means a daily walk. Some dogs may require additional activities, but the good old walk can never be replaced.

If you don’t have the time, we are here to help you!

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat stays our dog walkers !

(Regarding the special care necessary to extreme heat or cold, of course)

Remember that dogs are animals made to travel to find food, water, shelter and to discover the world. Even a big back yard is no substitute for a good walk. Dogs need their daily exercise, and things like it being too cold or hot outside, or days getting shorter, shouldn’t get in the way.

We recommend at least 3 walks a day so your dog can exercise and do its business. Normally, dog owners have free time to walk their dogs early in the morning and at the end of the day, but at lunchtime, things get a little complicated… and we are here to help!

This midday walk is very important as it lets dogs spend their energy, avoiding behavioural problems, giving them the opportunity to relieve themselves and get tired, so owners come home to a calm dog at the end of the day.

Please contact us for further information and rates.

We offer you a wide variety of services:

Private Walks:
When providing your dog a 40 minutes private walk, we can adapt every single detail to fulfill your dog’s individual needs, like speed and where to go (downtown, forest, fields…), playing, special attention (old dog; with special medical conditions; is timid or avoid social contact…). During this visit we also can give any prescribed medication you will have provided us with in case of need.

Semi-Private Walks:
For dogs who love to socialize. If your doggie has a buddy (like dogs from the same household), we offer semi-private walks. For reasons of both safety and fun, we never walk more than 4 dogs at a time. With our trained eyes, we will always make sure everything goes smoothly. Our team includes well-balanced and trained four-legged assistants to play with your dog! We also can give medication in case of need.

Puppy Walks:
Getting a new puppy can be a wonderful experience, but puppies require special attention. Once your little buddy is old enough to go outside, we can take him for short walks and a good play session (the indicated is 5 minutes per month of age, but always consult your vet). Having contact with the world outside is essential to form a well-balanced, socialized, educated and confident dog. Our four-legged assistants are available to help the baby socialize and learn “dog language” from different breeds. We also can feed and give medication in case of need.