We take care of your dog if you need to travel, always in a family atmosphere. We will never replace your family, but do our best to make your doggie will feels like home.

As a “family dog hotel” with an extremely limited capacity, we board maximum 3 dogs at a time.

We offer 3 different types of service:

On board: your dog will stay with us, in our house. While all dogs may go for walks and play together under supervision (if they get along with each other), for safety reasons, they sleep, take naps and eat separately (unless they are from the same household). We provide beds, toys and bowls, but you may bring yours if it helps your dog to feel comfortable. We ask that you bring your own dog food and treats (to avoid gastric troubles) and that your dog is dewormed and vaccinated against kennel cough and general diseases (passport required and vaccinations valid or given at least 10 days prior to arrival). In the interest of the welfare of all dogs, and considering that we are a very small “family boarding facility” without kennels, excessive barking, anxious, destructive, aggressive or anti-social behavior by any dog cannot be allowed. That’s why we ask for a night trial before boarding your dog. Should this trial stay not go well, we will gladly suggest alternative care options to help you find the best solution for your dog.

“Boot camp” boarding: all that regular boarding offers, with additional daily basic individual obedience classes given by a professional dog trainer, using positive methods. We can reinforce the training your dog already has or teach/develop some points (commands, walking on the leash without tugging etc.).

In your house: we go to your house to visit your dog while you are away. During these visits, we will walk, cuddle and play with your dog. We also will change the water, feed your animal and give medicines if necessary. Services as collecting the mail, watering plants, turning lights on and off and opening/closing windows are included. This care works amazingly well for those dogs which don’t react very well to a change of environment (especially anxious, anti-social, aggressive or older dogs), and as the hours of visiting are irregular, may also help dissuade thieves!