We take care of your dog if you need to go on vacation or take trips, always in a family atmosphere, without box or cages...
Your doggie will feel like home.

These are some of the benefits your doggie will have:
  • Kennel-free boarding and the opportunity for your dog to comfortably have access to a full living area.
  • Reduced risk of catching diseases such as kennel cough, which your dog can easily contract when exposed to many dogs at an overnight kennel.
  • Twenty-four hour supervised care by a responsible and trusted dog watcher.
  • Individual attention and exercise including regular walks, trips to the dog park, and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs in the household.

We offer two different types of service:

On board: Your dog will stay with us, inside our house. We only stay with one dog at a time, and we don’t use cages or crates. Your dog will sleep in his bed, in our living-room, beside our bed in my bedroom or where he’s used to stay in your house. He will be allowed to walk over all the place, to join us at night to watch some tv, just like home! He will also have 4 walks a day to exercise and do his business.

In your house: we take care of the dog in your home, making three visits per day (morning, afternoon and evening). During these visits, we walk, play and cuddle. Change the water, food, give medicine if necessary, collect the mail and turn lights on and off. This works very well, because some dogs don’t react very well changing environments and also avoid thieves!